Blurex, Inc., has been offering consumers an extensive  range of products with innovative design and concept through its OEM/ODM programs. Blurex now offering all of its product line directly to the consumer under the Blurex brand. Blurex, a privately held company founded in Pan-Chiao, Taipei, Taiwanin 1994, is the recognized global leader in production R&D and cost reduction techniques . Since our inception in 1994, Blurex has experienced an amazing 16 consecutive years of dramatic growth and remains committed to making significant strides in the areas of research and design.

Our diverse and far-reaching product mix includes award-winning innovations for easy-to-use wireless solutions, accessories for mobile devices, such as iPod®, iPhone™, laptops, and netbooks, as well as waterproof  products.

Blurex’s U.S. presence includes corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and a distribution center in Indianapolis, IN. With major facilities in the United Kingdom and the Gemany, our reach extends throughout Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific, with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and Hong Kong.

Blurex Main Office                                          Blurex USA Office
15/F-3, No. 42, Sec. 3,                                     5736 S Fairfax Ave
San Min Rd., Pan-Chiao,                                Los Angeles, CA 90056
Taipei, Taiwan